Creative Impulse Membership Programme

Everything you need to keep you inspired on your art journey

Learn how to make better art that is true to you

The Creative Impulse community is designed especially for you and will be transformative for your art.

The Creative Impulse Programme is a Membership where you can spend time with a tribe of people that you can call home. This is an interactive program to provide all you need to create pieces you and others love.

This membership is for artists of any kind, beginner and advanced and verything inbetween.

Join the Creative Impulse Programme where creatives come together to share in the collective creativity and ideas, in an amazing & supportive art community.

So what is the Creative Impulse Membership Programme?

The training, material and live meetings are all done online. Each aspect is also recorded and uploaded for you so that you dont have to miss a thing. This is structured in a way to ensure your progress.

Tools & Techniques

Improve your technical skill with monthly technique classes to meet you where you are...whether you feel you are a beginner, or an advanced artist. These classes will help you to discover new tools and techniques to delve into worlds of art you may not have experienced before. These are classes to do in your own time and the comfort of your own home or studio

Theme Creation

Each month I will introduce a new theme for that month that we can all work with. I will give you ideas on what to experiment with, take you to new places and inspire directions to add to your creative toolbox.

Live Demonstrations

For each months new tool, technique and theme I will hold a live demonstration showing you how I would work with these aspects. These demos will stretch your experiences, be easy to follow and implement in your art making.

Connect with Cathy!

In week four of every month you will get the opportunity to send in your art to me and/or to the group for us to discuss. These discussion and feedback sessions will help keep you on track to improving and growing your work and developing your art journey.

How will the Creative Impulse Membership Programme Support You?

We make sure to deliver the training and information is a way that is easy to understand and easy to navigate. My whole team and I are here to support YOU throughout your journey.

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Your Instructor

Catherine Olver
Catherine Olver

As an artist that has taken the long route I will be taking all of this knowledge that I have accumulated and turn it into a simple, straight-forward process that gets results. I have an arts degree as well as a lifetime of experience, so I am able to guide you through the proven theoretical and practical methods that I have learnt over this time.

I explore fun art making methods and media that are accessible to anyone. These won’t need sophisticated equipment or a large studio. I want every artists to realise their own creative freedoms and love doing this through my online courses and live training.



Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the courses?
You will have full access to that months courses and materials straight away. This continues throughout your membership.
How long do I have access to the course?
Access to membership courses ends when your community membership ends. Access to the Network & community space ends one week after you cancel your membership.
If I purchase one of these courses separately, can I keep it?
Yes! Any courses that you purchase separately, you get to keep forever.
Will my subscription automatically renew?
Yes! All subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel them. Teachable does not send a notice when they charge your card monthly.

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